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Our apparel partners are;

1. Wolsey 

Wolsey is the oldest British menswear brand built on design and quality for the modern explorer. See more at www.wolsey.com

2.  Nicole Farhi

Nicole Farhi has developed a reputation for producing some of the finest luxe, laid back womenswear designs. The use of innovative techniques and fabrics has established the house as the go-to for understated elegant knitwear, tailoring and separates. Effortless luxury designed for everyday comfort, with an emphasis on modern knitwear and tailoring. See more at www.nicolefarhi.com.

3. Fenn Wright Manson

Fenn Wright Manson is a British designer brand that creates affordable, luxury clothing for women. Their focus is on 'relaxed separates, occasion dressing and sophisticated tailoring'. Fenn Wright Manson has had its roots fixed in Britain since it was established in 1974. See more at https://fennwrightmanson.com.

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